We require payment at the time of service, via Cash, Check, Money Order or Credit Card unless special arrangements have been made prior to delivery.  If we are unable to collect for any reason delivery/service may not be made and additional fees will apply, as outlined below and price per gallon may change due to market conditions.

Credit cards that you the customer put on file for billing will be used for the following: On any balances 31 days past due, if not collected at the time of service. Your credit card on file will be utilized to settle any additional balances that were not paid at the time of service. If a payment is 31 days past due the following will occur:

We will be adding 1.5% interest or $15.00 whichever is greater per month to that unpaid balance. If your balance goes beyond 60 days, we will be adding an additional billing fee of $20.00 per month. Anything over 90 days will be $25.00 Per month and all legal fees which range from $160-$700 in addition to your bill. (so its worth it to pay your bill)

We strongly suggest that you keep a credit card on file to avoid any unnecessary late charges. The same rates listed above apply to check payments that are past due- If a check comes back NSF you will be charged a $40.00 returned check fee. That check will then be resubmitted as an electronic transfer in attempt to collect funds. After 3 failed collect attempts, legal charges will be filed and additional fees and charges will apply. Writing a bad check not only costs you late fees- It is illeagel and charges will be filed if not taken care of in a timley manner.

​If legal actions are taken the customer will be respobsable for all legal fees and court costs.

​All installations require 50% due at signing and 50% at completion. For all residentail units.  Commercial downpayment  is 60% due at signing. Once equipment is ordered a 20% restocking fee will apply due to the cost we get charged for returning equipment.