Service Photos
You can waste your time shopping around for the best price- or you can trust we have done the research for you! Our prices are well below the rest!
  1. Basic Cleaning ........... $130
    Cleaning your oil furnace is a must to keep it running like it should! Our cleaning prices start well below the "other guys" while including all the basic parts needed. (Filter/Strainer/Nozzle)
  2. Prime & Start- Driver (simple) $20
    Run out of oil? If you feel better letting our driver get you started back up we offer a simple start up! If the driver is unable to get it started due to other possible issues we can send out a tech- at normal rate! ($80 + Parts first hour normal business & $130 After Hours for the first hour) If parts are needed they will be additional.
  3. Business Hours Service Call....$80 First Hr
    If you call us while our offices are open- Mon-Fri 8-5 you get our lowest rates if something goes wrong unexpected! Our calls start at $79.99 for the first hour- then an additional $40.00 Each hour to follow. This does not include any parts -they will be additional.
  4. AC Cleaning ........... $130
    Cleaning of indoor and outdoor coils. Checking of all electrical connections, and amp draws. Compositors checked. Cleaning of condensate line. Checking of all pressure and temperatures. ***Freon cost extra if needed.
  5. Installs of new heating and AC units- all prices vary FREE QUOTES
    We offer free quotes on all installs. We do not only install Oil units- we install gas, propane, and heat pumps also. We install AC units too! New construction or replacing your old!
  6. After Hours Service Call ...$130.00 Per Call/First Hour
    The unexpected happens- When it does, do not pay more then you have to! We offer 24/7 Service. Each call minimum is $130.00 for the first hour- Then $65 Ea Additional Hour. Parts are not included and will be additional
  7. Commercial Maintenance
    We also provide commercial maintenance on roof top units, refrigeration units, coolers, and ice machines. We bill all commercial work as time and materials only saving you money! No extra rates/fees for commercial work- billed at standard per technician hourly rate.
Out Of Fuel Calls
During normal business hours we will do what we can to fit you in, but please note we require atleast 24 hours advanced notice for deliveries & cannot guarantee same day deliverys, additional fees may also apply if a same day delivery is requested.

Outside of normal business hours -Out fo fuel calls are treated & priced as a emergency service call. As always if we have a truck still on the road we will do all we can to get you. If trucks are in for the night we will use "Jerry Cans" and get you enough fuel until we can get a full delivery to you - it may not be next day depending on your location and routes.  

We will always do all we can- but ultimitly it is the customers responsability to call prior to being out of fuel.